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Fellow Preggers;)

Here are some inspiring pics of my fellow favorite pregnant girls, youtubers, royals or from the entertainment world, we're all due around the same date & will add a little bundle of joy to our already existing brood !!!
Christophe & I are beyond excited, happy & so grateful to expect our second baby for 2018, we feel so blessed to be abble to realize our dream of a large happy family ;)
Sam Faiers

Jesse James Decker

Kate Middleton

Emily Maynard

Aaryn Williams


Charlotte York Inspiration

Apparently the Sex & The City girls are in talks for a third opus yeahhhhh
While waiting for it to happen (big time!) here are some outfit ideas from my favorite character, adorable mommy & housewife Charlotte York...


Prince Charming Does Exist ;)

                                                               His Palace





Mama Vlog

Recently discovered this beautiful sweet loving mama from "Beauty & the Beastons"  she has great vlogs on motherhood as well as on life style, check her out you'll love her channel!


Doll Museum, Paris

Had  some mommy time last week when my husband watched our little one while I was visiting the Doll Museum in Paris. It's been a while that I wanted to go & am happy I did as the museum is lovely with a great permanent collection as well as a "dolls & teddy bears clinic".

For me dolls represent the testimony of our occidental culture & civilization, an illustration of different generations, of their dreams & their way of life.

Currently there's an exhibit on dolls from the 80's that I really enjoyed, that reminded me of my childhood:)
Sadly the museum is closing at the end of this week... if you're out & about in the city of lights go check it out!

And for you ladies who have little girls, you can bring your daughters on wednesday afternoon so they can create & customize little Barbie dresses for their dolls.
There are also workshops in order to create puppets as well as garments for dolls!

Musée de la poupée
28 rue Beaubourg
Métro Rambuteau



Rose Bertin

Rose Bertin was born in Northen France in 1747 from a humble family, going from rags to riches she started as a fashion merchant opening her own boutique in 1772 "Le Grand Mogol" in the weathy rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris to then become in the 1770's the  "fashion designer" of Queen of France Marie Antoinette, soon being known as 
her "Minister of Fashion".
In addition to the Queen of France, Rose Bertin dressed other European Queens such as Queens of Spain, Portugal and Sweden as well as many aristocrats and actresses from the Comédie Française. Her visionary dress-making saw her work essentially with passementerie like ribbons, laces & embroideries.
She's also famous for her inventive and creative "poufs"  which are elaborate & extravagant coiffures made of feathers, flowers and even fruits. Rose Bertin became the official Fashion Consultant of the Queen of France, defining fashion of her time and having been credited in making "Haute Couture" a popular culture forefront. 
Having Marie Antoinette as her most iconic and famous client ensured Rose Bertin success but the polictical events that lead to the French revolution also made her a victim of her staus. She was blamed for encouraging the Queen in purchasing astronomical pricey dresses and garments and in encouraging the Queen's supposed arrogance and frivolity. Furthermore that extravagant style symbolized to the eyes of the public and above all to the French population the illustration of the unapologetic royal lifestyle crystalising the gap between the royals existence & the one of their subjects.
Following the Queen's imprisonment & execution in 1792 Rose Bertin relocated to Belgium, Germany and London where she pursued her "fashion empire" by dressing fashionable French people in exile, thus managing to survive the French revolution. However her name has never remained as glorious as before her pre-revolutionary days. 
Rose Bertin died in Germany, Berlin at the age of 67.

Here are some of Rose Bertin signature creations:
The Pouf

Rose Bertin portrait