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Review of the year 2013

                                       2013 headlines:

                                                         Papal transition:
After Pope Benedict retired, Mario Jorge Bergoglio a formal papal candidate himself became Pope Francis & won over with his devotion towards the poors.

                                                        Boston Bombarding
While more than 23,000 runners competed in historic Boston, 2 brothers set off a bomb near the finish line. The survivor brother (the other one was killed in Boston) will face trial next year.

                                                        England new heir:
                         Britain welcomes prince baby George

                                                               Syria War
Syrian protests fueled by the Arab Spring have turned into a bloody civil war...

                              Qualifying results for the 2014 world cup
Brazil calling for big soccer countries when they got qualified for the football world cup next year.

The French squad on the night of the qualification!

Champs Elysees fun after the qualification

Steven Gerrard

German squad

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines
Pelawan Island before Haiyan
Pelawan Island, Philippines
Devastating typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines in november

                                           Nelson Mandela's death
December saw the death of Nelson Mandela who inspired generations of South Africans & people around the world to fight for the future they want to create.

                              2013 celebrity headlines:
3d time lucky for Katie Price
Katie Price & Kieran welcomed Jett this august
                                      Kardashian big news
2013 was full of surprises for the Kardashians, with the arrival of North & 2 divorces.

                                   The return of Bridget Jones
                    Bridget is back!
                    Hellen Fielding launched another sequel of the Bridget Jones saga earlier this year.       

                             2013 Fashion trends
                Peekaboo pieces were one of the trends this year.
Peekaboo Pieces
Peekaboo Pieces

2013 Movie Hits
The Great Gatsby

                                          The Bling Ring
The summer saw the adaptation of the real life story of the teen gang that burgled the houses of celebrities 5 years ago, stealing more than $3 millions of possessions. They carried on for a year before being arrested after a tip of. 
Rachel Lee, the mastermind behind the gang had the hardest punishment around the crew (a 4 years sentence) she served one year & 4 months.

                          My Favorite 2013 Music Hit

Wish u all a Happy New Year & to an exciting 2014!!


Santa's Little Helper

                              Wish you all a beautiful,  joyful Christmas eve!!
                               Merry Christmas :)