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Pink eyeshadow palette & nude lips

Love nude lips, pink eyeshadows with black eyeliner for blue eyes. Got a big crush for VS Beauty Rush lip glosses!


Marie Antoinette & the palace of Versailles

Guided Tour of Marie Antoinette's hot spots in Versailles:


The Chanel 2012/2013 Cruise Collection, Versailles

Fashion Icon: Marie Antoinette

As a Versailles & history of fashion lover I'd like to talk a bit about Queen of France Marie Antoinette...

Marie Antoinette was a fascinating queen who was seen as a fashion icon & trendsetter of her time.

She struggled at the rigid court of Versailles & found comfort in fashion, using it in an attempt to try to have a hold on her destiny as well as on the French.
She revamped fashion in Versailles with stunning, glamorous costumes & outfits & extravagant hairstyle. Her avant-garde style & original "pouf" that stands for big hair made her a fashion "pioneer"
Her 2 foot high pouf became one of the queen's trademark & she would structure it with various objects & scenes..
Marie Antoinette's major fashion decisions & enduring influence still inspires designers today, such as Karl Lagerfeld who rocked the palace of Versailles on may 14th with the Chanel 2012/2013 Cruise Collection, setting a timeless & playfulness tone with models in pastel colored fringe bobs, white & blue denim topped off with the Chanel signature jacket.
The collection updated fashion from the 18th century, mixing the frivolity of that time with modernity & classic Chanel pieces, showing 18th silhouettes cut in denim shorts, illustrating what trendsetter Marie Antoinette could have been if she would have lived in our era...


Striking a pose in beautiful Miami

                         A little bit of glamour on Miami Beach.. Lol

Waiting for the summer


These summer pics are from my previous vacation, can't wait for the sun to be back!      


Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs exhibit


Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs exhibit, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

This inspiring exhibit illustrates Louis Vuitton rags to riches story, explaining how the founder of the House of Louis Vuitton in 1854, climbed the social ladder, forging a name known worldwide through stylistic creation, hard work & perseverance.. as well as the impact & contribution of its artistic director Marc Jacobs since the late 90's.. both shaping the fashion world for generations.

Louis Vuitton was born from parents of modest origins in the Jura region in the 19th century, in the east of France before coming to Paris.. the rest is history.. the house of Louis Vuitton having made a lasting place for itself in fashion, a world in constant evolution that became a global industry. With the contribution of Marc Jacobs it remains a symbol of French Chic.