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How Paris has become the Fashion Capital of the world?

French designers such as Dior, Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes and many more have created the most coveted, famous brands worldwide.
How France has expanded its outstanding reputation in the clothing industry?

French fashion worldwide reputation can be tracked as early as the 17th century starting during the reign of Louis XIVth where fashion was initiated by the court. At that time the French already exported their style and created an industry out of fashion, with Paris becoming the centre of it all since the luxury goods industry became a royal commodity.

The Sun King, Louis XIV

In the 18th century Paris was given an even bigger fashion boost with the opening of departement stores like "Le Bon Marché".

Le Bon Marché

At time the bourgeoisie became the the economy driving force & shopping in then new stores like the department ones enabled fashion to find its way to French society & saw the bloom of desqigners emerged.

In the late 19th and 20th century the French fashion industry exploded with houses such as Madeleine Vionnet house founded.

Madeleine Vionnet fashion

Madeleine Vionnet fashion

Madeleine Vionnet fashion

Designers from the late 1800/early 1900s wanted to liberate women from corsets, offering them flowing bias-cut designs. They were mostly influenced by the Art Nouveau and the Orientalist trends.

                      Above creations from designer Paul Poiret

In the mid 19th Paris attracted more attention with the post-war Dior "New Look" & its clinched waist, majestic bust & full skirt.

New Look

New Look

However in the early 1960's Paris was neglected by its youth who wanted to favor the London casual style.

Paris came back on the spot in the mid 60's with the ready to wear, prêt à porter, installed by designer Yves Saint Laurent, making fashion more accessible to masses and pioneered the androgynous style with the tuxedo for women.

Catherine Deneuve wearing Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo

Nowadays even if Paris is sharing its spotlight fashion wise with the likes of New York, London or Milan its reputation of the Fashion Capital never died.

Versailles Court Costumes Exhibit

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French Fashion History: Louis the XIVth Reign (1643 - 1715)

At the court of Louis the XIVth women intended to emulate the king's mistress Mme de Montespan's style.
Her lavish dresses were often unfettered and loose so as to allow her to move more easily during her seven pregnancies. Even after her departure from the palace her fashion favorite remained  copied.

Fashion Under the Sun King's reign became a question of "étiquette" with the king, representative of courtly absolutism making the Versailles court obey his fancies. Men and women wanted to shine in dresses, not hesitating going on the debt path in order to do so. Then nobles tried to immitate and follow as far as possible but in a more reasonable way. Nevertheless one trend was soon replaced by some newer fashion.

Here's a little selection of the main trends during Louis the XIVth reign:
-The Head-Dress
One variation of the head-dress was introduced by one of the king's last mistresses, Mlle de Fontanges, with the head-dress tied aside with a ribbon-garters, the ends falling over her forehead. That would soon be adopted by the ladies of the court, then by the wealthy Parisians, being called "coiffure à la Fontanges".
Duchesse de Fontanges
- Scarves which came back into fashion in the mid 1650's, ladies were wearing them as light garments on their shoulders.

- Justaucorps, mid-thigh-length overcoats later adopted by the bourgeoises, especially when riding.

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