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Women at the court of Versailles

Behind the grandiose court of Versailles let's focus on life of women at the palace.. from the queen to the  king's mistress and ladies in waiting & servants.
Life in Versailles was rooted in a complex hierarchy & rigid etiquette with nobles exhausting themselves to please the king since he was the one deciding on their social advancement. In this world of competition & backstabbing where the ultimate goals were favors from the king or queen, women were often used in strategic alliances. 

The Queen..Marie Antoinette's private apartments

Marie Antoinette's necklace which led to the infamous "Necklace Trial"

The queens of France lived a life under constant scrutiny where every action was governed by rules of etiquette & where they had very little regard in French politics. Marie Antoinette, the most famous & last queen of France sought solace from that public display in a small circle of friends.

The king's mistress..Mme Du Barry's apartments

Mme Du Barry, a former seamstress who was the last mistress of king Louis the XVth. Born Jeanne Becu, she made a name for herself in court with the king's support, thus becoming the prey of courtesans as well as the king's close family who hated her. As her power in court grew stronger she got involved in politics, thus playing a part in the Duc de Choiseul exile & dismissal of his ministerial role. Her golden age stopped with the king's death. She was beheaded during the revolution.

The servants apartments

Servant's bed

The servants, a population living in the shadow, behind the scene away from the opulence & extravagance of the royal salons & festivities.

Versailles gardens