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Cupcake Fun

I'm such a cupcake lover! Chocolate, vanilla... you name it
Here's a pic of my homemade cupcakes

If you'd like to bake your owns cupcakes too, check this Magnolia Bakery recipe!

How to bake red velvet cupcakes with Kristin Cavallari..

          And some snapshots of lovely little doggie Cupcake :)


Fashion through the centuries


Beautiful exhibit at the "Musee des Arts Decoratifs" in Paris with ancient costumes & accessories providing an overview of the most important European fashion trends from the 18th to the early 20th century..
Love these female garments & outfits, although glad that fashion changed or us ladies could not manage to enter the subway Lol


Sparkle on!

Still in the festive spirit of the new year with this metallic inspired mood-board !


Makeup crush

Trying new Victoria Secret's eye products I bought last time I was in the city.
I'm a big fan of their eye pencils & mascaras, especially in black, definitely my favorites.


French It Up

Went to the stunning & exuberant Moulin Rouge in Paris, such a beautiful place that inspired dancers, movie makers, make up artists & many more...

Bought this adorable red purse at the Moulin Rouge store in rue Lepic

Check out this documentary about the Moulin Rouge backstage & how the cabaret dancers live & work, it's in French but if you speak the language I think you'll like it a lot..very interesting...