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Charlotte York

As a huge fan of TV show "Sex & the City" I'd like to pay tribute to my favorite character Charlotte, her sweet personality & optimism on life.

During the show we see that Charlotte is stronger than we originally could have thought & is more of a leader than a follower.. It's said that she was a straight A student, high school Prom Queen, cheerleader, teen model & member of a sorority in college! Moreover she had to cope with a divorce, struggled with fertility problems & a miscarriage, but managed to put all her troubles behind her & be happy with second hubby Harry Goldenblatt while being the proud mom of their two adorable daughters..

If you'd like to steal some of Charlotte's fashion tips & recreate her look, try to choose items with pastel colors & delicate details such as lace, embroidery or ruffles.. If you have a small waist draw the attention to it with belts, pencil skirts & dresses fitted on top & flowing at the bottom..

Finally stick with classic prints & patterns, pastel makeup & glossy hair.

As a massive New York & SATC lover I was all excited to follow in Charlotte, Carrie & the other girl's footsteps during the "Sex & the City Tour" where you can have a bus ride in the city & visit the locations where the girls drank, ate, danced & gossiped.. among them "Magnolia Bakery" for cupcakes fans or French restaurant "Pastis"

For more info on the SATC  Tour check out:

Besides I was glued to Candace Bushnell's books & can't wait for the adaptation of "The Carrie Diaries" starring Anna Sophia Robb as the high school student & wannabe  writer Carrie Bradshaw.


  1. Great Post! I am a Carrie!!! I too did the SATC tour...hey, even if you live in NY, you can't bypass the fun tour!
    I am anxiously awaiting to see "Carrie Diaries" too!
    Sometimes it is fun to live vicariously through these characters!