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Enjoyed a walk in the lovely former house of French novelist Balzac, where he wrote some of his most famous books, among them The Human Comedy. You can see some of his manuscripts, personal belongings, letters & his table where he wrote his last books.


Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Now that the sun's back, am gonna take out my halter neck maxi dresses that endured a long winter haha! Comfy & stylish, you can mix them with beautiful accessories for a night out or dress them down for a casual look.. Everlasting outfit lol


Plaid top

                           Enjoyed wearing this plaid outfit 

                                         Other plaid ideas...


V-E Day

I'm passionate about history & wanted to post about today's celebration of may 8th 1945 that saw the end of World War II & an explosion of happiness worldwide.

French newspaper announcing the victory of the allied forces

Video on the celebration of the liberation of Paris ( 19 - 25 august, 1944 )