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Happy Halloween!

Wish you all an awesome halloween & a happy trick or treating :)

Had fun wearing my blue wig

And if you want to freeze your blood before Halloween night check this out.....


Rue Cremieux...pre Halloween walk

A picturesque post from the bucolic charming rue Cremieux in the heart of Paris & its amazing pastel colored houses!



Happy Birthday to Friends who's celebrating its 20th birthday this year!!
20 years since the 1st episode aired & 10 since the show ended. Was a huge fan of the show, still am actually!
Got all the dvd sets & when I was a teenager my family used to buy me little Friends gifts such as mugs & T-shirts with the Friends characters or the Central Perk on them:)
My favorite characters are Rachel, Phoebe & Ross, here's a little tribute to the special Friends cast..

                                  Rachel Green
Pretty girl with a big smile & a warm heart, fashionable & funny she's a good listener to her best friend & roomie Monica as well as to her other friends. Rachel is the character who's the more linked to the others; indeed she knows Monica & Ross with whom she grew up in the NY suburb since an early age, is Ross high school crush / girlfriend / wife / baby's mommy / roomie (she lived with him with Emma); Monica's best friend, Joey's crush in the late series, as well as him & Phoebe's roomie. She found her own self in the big city & went from being supported by her dad to having a career in fashion with a great offer in Paris in the last episodes.

                                  Phoebe Buffay
Hippie, alternative girl & animal lover, performer at the Central Perk singing her famous "Smelly Cat" song, masseuse, she's a fighter who had to cope with a difficult past and reunited with her half brother for whom she became a surrogate carrying the triplets , she's always happy & is the bubbliest character of the six. Phoebe gets her happy ending at the end of the show with a promising future ahead of her.

                               Monica Geller
Monica has a sweet & kind personality, generous & giving she's the hostess where all the other friends gather all the time & is the one  people come to talk to when they have problems.
She's a cook with a lot of dreams.. opening her own restaurant, having a beautiful & accomplished personal life. She's competitive even in games plays like Pictionary & is comically a clean freak. She also had to overcome weight problems & obesity in her teenage years. Her relationship with her family members is well depicted in the show. Her apartment belongs to her grandma, her parents are recurring characters & she became involved with her dad's best friend Richard,  plus she became an auntie twice. Monica became an item with Chandler & the last episode saw them leaving her NY apartment to live in a house in the suburb with their newborn twins.

The Gellers

                                     Ross Geller
Charming, witty, loveable & a bit geeky Ross is a brilliant paleontologist yet shy with women. He's the character who has the most various palette of emotions during the show... sad & confused when his wife leaves him for a woman in the first episode, happy & loving life when he's with Rachel & Emily as well as with little Emma & Ben, masculine with Joey & Chandler yet tender with the girls teaching Phoebe how to ride a bike.

                             Joey Tribbiani
 Wannabe actor who later finds fame, gorgeous yet a little slow, he has a good heart & is always there for his friends. Successful with the ladies with his famous Joey quote "How you doin?"

Joey loves his food lol

                                    Chandler Bing
Sarcastic & funny, Chandler is a loyal friend who supported Joey while he was an aspiring actor.
Known for his sharp humor & linked to recurring character Janice he later became an item with Monica.

           My Friends favorites:  Rachel hair & style

            Back to high school / college episodes

                    Guests appearing on the show
Reese Witherspoon
Julia Roberts
Christina Applegate
Bruce Willis

My Funniest Friends moment: Monica & Ross dancing their school dance for New Year's Eve TV show!!