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2014 Review

Marked with worldwide trials, Hollywood scandals, history tributes, football frenzy & much more... 2014 was definitely a colorful year...

                                   Oscar Pistorius's trial

Reeva Steenkamp
South-African athlete Oscar Pistorius inspiring story turned ugly last year when he faced trial and murder charges after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found dead, leaving him accused of shooting her four times. He claimed that he mistook her for a burglar.

Having defied all odds by becoming the first man with no intact legs to compete in the Olympics, Oscar Pistorius became an icon around the world, especially to disabled people with his inspiring story of a little boy whose lower legs were amputated as a baby. He embodied perseverance & human possibility. 
In september it was ruled that not enough evidence proved beyond reasonable doubt Pistorius culpability, leaving him cleared of murder & with a conviction of lesser charges of culpable homicide.

Amanda Knox convicted again
Amanda & Meredith's house investigated  following her murder
Meredith Kercher
2014 saw Amanda Knox caught into another legal saga following the murder of Meredith Kercher, a British university student who was found dead on her bedroom's floor in Perugia, Italy in november 2007. 

Amanda Knox reported the burglary of the house she shared with Meredith & other roommates to the Italian police which then discovered Meredith's dead body then presuming that she had been killed by the burglars. However within hours the police concluded that the signs of a burglary had been staged in order to mislead the investigators & Amanda became one of the prime suspects.
She was found guilty & sentenced to 26 years.

In october 2011 she was released by an appeals court after 4 years in prison following her acquittal at a second trial, based on the material non-existence of evidence to support the guilty verdict as well as questions regading the validity of the main forensic evidence based on the way it was handled & collected. 
Amanda's case became in the US one of the most indefensible miscarriages of justices America has addressed in recent years, with many Americans believing that she was railroaded by a corrupt system in a foreign country while studying abroad.

In january 2014 Amanda was found guilty again following the Italian's supreme court which set aside the judgement of the appellate trial that acquitted her, with the court sentencing her to 28 years & 6 months that is to say 2 & a half years more than what she had first received. 
Amanda lives & studies in America, she intend to appeal awaiting her third trial & claiming her innocence. 

         Nabilla Benattia's case...From the catwalk to prison 
Thomas Vergara
French reality TV starlette Nabilla who since her appearance on TV landed her own reality show & went on the catwalk for designer Jean-Paul Gaultier spent weeks in prison following a stabbing-attack on her boyfriend Thomas Vergara which has been portrayed by him as an alleged try to murder. Charges she strongly denied, explaining that he stabbed himself in their hotel room after an heroin-fuelled night. 
After having been imprisoned for weeks at the end of 2014, she's now waiting for her trial & resting at her family's home.

World War I tribute to soldiers & 100th anniversary of the beginning of the conflict
2014 saw the celebration of the beginning of World War I, the first global war centered in Europe.
Beginning on 28 july 2014 it ended 4 years later on 11 november 1918 with the loss of 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians. The world paid tribute to all the courageous soldiers who lived & fought in the trenches for their country.

                                             Crimean crisis
2014 was marked by the ongoing Ukraine / Crimean crisis regarding the control of the Crimean peninsula & the involvement of Russia & its military intervention in Ukraine.

                                            Panama Canal
2014 marked the century of the Panama Canal. 
Finished in 1914, the Panama Canal with its 71 km has since then transformed international trade.

Scotland Independence Referendum
On 18 september 2014 Scottish people had to answer the independence referendum question, however Scotland voted to remain in the UK with 55, 3% of "no"

August 2014 saw the death of talented actor Robin Williams who committed suicide.
Famous for his energy & improvisation skills he cofounded with Whoopi Goldberg & Billy Crystal  "Comic Relief USA" an annual show devoted to the homeless. 

Bill Cosby at the centre of one of the biggest Hollywood scandals
Philadelphia born Bill Cosby has seen his image shattered after being caught in one of Hollywood biggest scandals following allegations of sexual abuse.

      All eyes were turned to Brazil & its World Cup this summer

Allez les Bleus!!

                                   Fashion Trends of the year

                                                Pleated Skirts



                                         Cropped Jackets

                                           Wide leg pants

                                            Sheer Layering

2014 welcomed Kristin Cavallari's Jaxon, Katie Price's Bunny, Kourteney Kardashian's Reign, as well as saw Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's wedding.

                                           2014 favorite movies

                                           2014 favorite hits