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Balenciaga Exhibit, Paris

Went to see a beautiful exhibit in Paris about Cristobal Balenciaga, the Spanish designer who was born in a small fishing village & found global success, with members of the royal Spanish family having worn his designs.

Cristobal Balenciaga was born in the late 19th century (1895) & became a leading designer, moving to Paris in the 30's where he opened a showroom. He became famous for his tunic dresses, capes & flowing clothes as well as the use of plastic for rainwear. His coats with wide collar in addition to his sack dresses enabled him to make a lasting name for himself, with prestigious clients such as Princess Grace of Monaco.

Fellow designer Coco Chanel even said of him that he is the only designer who can  "design, cut, assemble & sew a dress together entirely by himself."

Nowadays the house of Balenciaga is run by avant garde designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, who was described by American Vogue as "fashion's most sought-after & influential figure".

Princess Grace in Balenciaga

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