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Skin Care Post


To keep a youthful look & fresh skin try to pay attention to your skin care by following simple but efficient tips:

- Use a good cleanser adapted to your skin type, such as a creamy cleanser for dry skin or a clear one for oily skin type.

- Better to avoid soap bars as they tend to dry your skin out.

- Exfoliate once a week with a good facial scrub.

- Moisturize in the morning after your beauty routine & before going to bed with a night cream.

- Invest in a good eye cream as skin around the eyes is very delicate since it doesn't contain fatty tissues, & therefore gets wrinkles more easily.

- Apply sunscreen even if you're out & about in the city & not necessarily lying on the beach, or use a day cream with SPF.

- Remove makeup before going to bed...THAT's a hard one for me but I'm on my best behavior lately haha

If you're like me.. you could put makeup remover cleansing towelettes on your night stand like the ones from Neutrogena.

- My top food choice for healthy skin:

Tomatoes, walnuts, eggs & salmon
                          Here are some of my favorites skin care products


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