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Phoebe Halliwell

My favorite Halliwell sister Phoebe from the "Charmed" TV show!! With her premonition & levitation powers she's described as one of the most powerful witches of all times. She later in the show became an empath, developing the power to sense & experience the emotions of others. Phoebe wants to achieve her destiny both as a witch & as a woman. Fashion forward, one of the most caring Halliwell sisters, she focuses on finding her path & realizing her dreams regarding her personal life as well as having a career that suits her. She became a writer at the San Francisco "Bay Mirror" where she writes her own column. Moreover as a true fighter she kept hope of living her dream life despite the deaths of both her older sister Prue & her mum that she lost at a young age. The end of Charmed sees her finding her happy ending!

               San Francisco....the Halliwell sisters hometown

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